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a GANGSTA. fanwork community

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Name:BENRIYA for hire
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:a place for fans of GANGSTA. to contribute fanwork



Welcome to BENRYIA for hire, a GANGSTA. fanwork community! This is a place to share and create fanwork related to the series.

1. Please tag your post! Format as the following: character: [given name] [surname] (e.g., character: nicolas brown), fanwork: [fic/art/etc], and graphics: [icons/etc]. If you're unsure of how to tag something, tag it as 'random' for the time being.
2. Use cuts for NSFW content, large images, embedded videos, extended text and spoilers!
- If spoilers are added to a previously spoiler-free post, hide them under this HTML:
3. Give credit where credit is due. Thieves will be annihilated.
4. You don't have to join the community to post replies!
5. Have fun, play nice, and make friends! :)

Fanwork Template
(Obviously things can be taken away or added depending on what you're posting!)

gangs, hoodlums, prostitutes, cops. it's full of villans everywhere you look.
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